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About me

My goal is to provide you a great wedding video and some peace of mind as you plan your big day. After having both my siblings go through the wedding planning process, I know how stressful things can be at times and how quickly all the expenses can add up --- that’s where I come in! I started Jc3Videography to help minimize both the stress and cost of your wedding planning. 

The average 4-minute wedding highlight video with most wedding videographers will run about $1,500 by itself. That price usually excludes a videographer’s "a la carte" options such as the raw footage, drone shots, filming in HD, longer video time, longer coverage time, etc. I believe filming in HD—the whole event, not just bits and pieces—in addition to the raw footage and all those other things should be included when you pay for the skill and service of a videographer. They shouldn’t be “add-ons,” and with me they won’t be.



Here's what I offer:

Full Day Coverage

I don't charge by the hour. I believe my job is to film your wedding, and that's exactly what I'll do. I arrive when the photographer does and stay until the final send off.

Raw Footage

Everything I've filmed that day is YOURS. I don't charge extra for the raw footage. 

HD Video of Ceremony

A full, unedited video of the wedding ceremony so you can relive the ceremony just as it was.

HD Wedding Highlight Video

A 5-10 minute high-definition highlight video of the whole day. The length of the video depends on personal preference.


All of this for a flat rate of $800. You simply will not find a better deal in the Austin area. Save your money and get more for less. 

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Let's talk

I'm located in Central Texas but do travel for weddings. A small fee may be applied to cover travel expenses depending on the location. 

If you have any questions or special inquiries please ask! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!